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The power of Homo sapiens can make world a better place for all


"The purpose of human life is to serve the global issues and bring solutions for sustainable development. The journey to bring better change in people's life. You must never be afraid of failures, push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. We all have the zeal in us, and the most important factor in life is time. If you have an imagination or an idea that could change the world, then you are a successful person - do it now, sometimes later becomes never. Join me in the league of creating a better world for all. I am welcoming each and every word you wish to share with me. Together we can and we will make a difference."


Milind’s world-class flying robotics innovation was launched, appreciated and awarded by none other but 11th President of India, His Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
Since then, the Missile Man of India granted Milind the title of ‘Drone Man of India’. These indigenous robots are designed to serve humans during disasters.

Milind is constantly developing an entirely new outlook of UAVs. During this pandemic, Milind has developed Anti-Corona drone that helped to sanitize mass areas to combat COVID-19, state-of-art ventilators. He has also developed drones to rescue animals. Milind performed World's first Drone SAR (Search and Rescue) where he rescued a puppy from a drain in India. Visit Press Room to know more.

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Designed world's first flying robotic technology to rescue animals. Milind Raj has been featured by BBC London, Jukin Media USA, The Verge USA, RTM TV USA, Business Insider (America), The Standard, London, and brought the great name to India across the World. Milind’s technology hit the top headlines across the World.

2021: Created the world's first A.I. robot to look after a specially abled dog in India. 

2021: Created India's first SMART FOOD ROBOT in State of Uttar Pradesh

2020: The inventor of an indigenous A.I. UAV to combat COVID-19 in India through robotics zero-touch technology

Awarded as 'Marvellous Personality of India' in 2018 by the Indian State Government.

Developed India's first A.I. Humanoid that greeted Prime Minister of India and President of India during country's largest Investors' Summit in 2018

Designed intelligent UAS for the defense to serve National borders and control zones in India for minimizing human approach

World-class flying robotics innovation was launched, appreciated and awarded by none other but 11th President of India, His Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The Missile Man of India granted Milind the title of ‘Drone Man of India’.

Introduced anti crowd disaster A.I. robotic technology in the world's largest congregation of 'KUMBH MELA 2019' 

Awarded the ‘Young Achievers Award’ by LMA for remarkable technology innovations and advancement that brought significant change in walks of life of people.

Awarded as 'Flyer of the Year' by Skies Aviation Society for the maximum performance of thermal UAV.

Invented special Indian drones to combat the fire.  This is first in India to come up with this revolutionary technology

Disruptive session and debate with Mr. T.V. Mohandas Pai (Former Director, Infosys, and Chairman, Manipal University) on ‘Leadership in the Age of Disruption’.

Initiated platforms fight hunger and free education among Indian people

Awarded by State Government for world-class innovation in Robotic Policing and Monitoring Technology. Milind was awarded a sum of 5 lacs by Hon’ble Chief Minister

Invented G.L.A.S. (Graphic Luminosity Advanced Active Scanning Systems) technology bringing a revolution in ITBs in Indian State tourism

The IYF (Indian Youth Forum) awarded Milind the ‘Social Excellence Award’.

Invented robotics for agriculture and pest management system to boost farming productivity

Started the concept of free education for underprivileged children in India

Adjudged as a best innovator in the field of Robotic-Agriculture Technology by Indian State Government

Designed world-class intelligent technology that can efficiently reduce loss of crops due to improper and untimely spraying of fertilizer

Developed Tech Innovation for Robotic Delivery System in India. This is known as ‘Prime-Doras’

this concept can be a great leap in Medical Sciences where humans will be able to transport body organs, blood, and other emergency services through Robotic Carriers and save lives

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Robotics engineer, Milind Raj learned of one puppy's desperate situation he went straight to his lab. In just six hours he constructed an aerial rescue vehicle from a large drone and an AI-controlled robotic arm...

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